What is Hedgehog Cafe ?

It is the space to get in touch with and befriend a Hedgehog.
Try to gently feel the softness of Hedgehog.
Lovely eyes, little hands and legs, fluffy stomach but tingly back,
their cuteness could make you so amazed that sometimes you need to pinch
They are always kind little kids.

Together a memorable moment could also be made here.

We also sell Hedgehogs in HARRY cafe,
if you like a Hedgehog, you can directly pick up your favorite one.

Please come to play with Hedgehogs !

Debut of hedgehogs


hedgehog5 We’ll be glad if you follow them! Thank you!

Kind request from Hedgehog

– Children below elementary school level are requested to be accompanied
by parents or guardian at all times in order to avoid any injury to

– To protect the health of little Hedgehogs, We kindly request you to
disinfect your hands before interacting with them.

– The safety and health of Hedgehog’s is our topmost priority.

Please cooperate with all of the above rules and regulations to avoid
any accidents.


 We prioritize the hedgehogs’ health and condition and schedule a day around it.




About Business hours

Business Hours 12:00~20:00

-Cafe’s last acceptance is pm 7:30

– Hedgehog cafe reception desk is available until one and half hour  before
closing time.

– Drinks are available on a self-service, We do not provide food.

– You can bring food and drinks with yourself (except Alcohol).

– On Golden week holidays, Summer holidays, Winter holidays, we charge
same fees for weekdays and weekends.

hedgehog6 It is ok to bring beverage into our cafe

hedgehog7 Sorry a little bit strict...

About Reservations

– Its always crowded on Saturday’s, Sunday’s and national holiday’s , so
we advice you to take a prior reservation.
We can not assure you a entry if you don’t have a reservation.

– Reservations can be done from the Reservation system of our website.

– Reservations are allowed in case to use cafe for more than 1 hour.

– We strictly follow punctuality of reservations, Please make a note that
reservation can be cancelled if you are late for the appointment.

Please note that for cancellation or time change of the reservation on
same day, we charge the full amount as cancellation fee.

– We are sorry to say that we do not accept reservations for same day.

About Fees

30min / 1,400yen

60 min /2800 yen〜 (reservation plan)

hedgehog snack(30min / 1,630yen)

Extra Hedgehog snack(540yen)

After a prescribed period of time elapses, a fee of 1,400 yen is will be charged.

We also sell Hedgehog’s breeding supplies in here.

You can also make a visit to our store, Please feel free to visit us.

hedgehog8 Hug me


Make a Reservation
at Roppongi shop

You can visit the cafe without reservation, without an reservation you can stay for 30 min. The price per person is 1400yen to play with the hedgehogs or 1630yen to play with and feed them. Please notice that you might have to stand in line without an reservation.

Last time you enter the cafe is at pm 7:30.

Please follow the steps listed below to make a reservation.

1.Please select the date for reservation.

2.The available time slots will be shown.

3.From the available time slots, please select the starting time, ending time, and number of visitors for your reservation.

4.Please fill out your contact information.

5.Please select the check box and click on the reservation button.

Please note that for cancellation or time change of the reservation on the same day, we will charge you the full amount as cancellation fee. Please cancel your reservation at least 1 day before your visit.

– Please notice that a reservation is for an hour and you will be charged for 1h even if you stay shorter.

<< Note >>
Entry fees for the cafe is charged per person.
(For example : If three people come together to the cafe , entry fees is charged for each person)