Let’s get prepared for Hedgehog

 In order to live together with Hedgehog, a house is necessary.

 If possible, arrange a cage, food plate, drinking container, running wheel, bed.

 For the beginner’s, it’s a good idea to use a cage for Hedgehog.

Let’s embrace the Hedgehog

Let’s put hands together to make a scoop. Imagine when you hold water in hands.

Hedgehog’s love narrow places. Let’s lift up so as to enclose with both hands.

Let them balance the body on their butt to get a proper support, in this way they will not get hurt.



Let’s give them food

・What do they eat ?
In the wild life, Hedgehog’s are known as omnivorous animals.
They seem to eat many things, but they mostly eat small creatures such as insects.
They eat fruits and plants, also mushrooms.

・What’s a good option to give them at home ?
Commercially available Hedgehog food contains good nutritional balance.



Let’s take care of Hedgehog

Morning – noon : Sleep time. Let them sleep peacefully.

Evening : They will slowly start to lift their face up from the bed. As Hedgehog’s morning starts from the dusk…

Night : Its food time. Also interaction time with the owners

Mid-night : Satisfied with the food, now its exercise time for Hedgehog in the cage.

Early-morning : After a good exercise, it’s a day off for Hedgehog’s now. They will soon go to sleep.
Sleep well…

About body weight measurement

 Let’s do the weight measurement at a pace of about once a week.

 If every time the body weight increases or decreases,

 there may be a possibility of a disease,

 Please visit the hospital for animals immediately.



About Nails trimming

 You can ask a veterinary doctor to trim the nails.

 But if you wish to cut nails at home then, please use the small nail clippers available for small animals.

 Please be careful of not cutting too much of nails.

 Because if you look carefully at the nails, blood vessels can be seen underneath, so be extra careful not to cut in there.

Hedgehog’s Bath time

 Usually, everybody takes a bath every day.

 But in wild life, Hedgehog’s do not take bath.

 So, basically bath is not required.

 But if you feel concerned about the hygiene, please follow the steps mentioned below carefully.


1) In a small vessel, take lukewarm water of about body temperature.The quantity of water should be as much as to soak their feet.


2) Without using shampoo or soap, wash them gently rubbing with hands.


3) When bath is complete, before the body gets cold, wrap them lightly in a towel and pat them dry.




Personality – Pampered child

 It gets on the back with round belly upwards,

 and loves to get belly stroked gently.

 There are also some who get on the hands right away.

Personality – Angry child

 If you put a hand inside their cage,

 they instantly get angry making a sound 「fushuu…」.

 Let’s just watch them over from outside.



Personality – Adventurer child

 Loves to exercise very much.

 They don’t like it if not moving.

Personality – Solitude loving child

 Likes to stay alone.

 For owners they are a little lonely type.